Divisoria Shopping Tips

Divisoria Shopping Tips

Divisoria is well known as the haven of affordable products, bargain items and cheap buys. It has always been a go to place for buying bulk items or wholesale purchases. Due to the variety of items you can buy from Divisoria at a very cheap price, it attracts people from all walks of life.

Famous malls in Divisoria includes Tutuban Mall which is near the PNR train station, the Divisoria Mall which is newly built after it was destroyed by fire years ago, the 168 Mall and the connected 999 Mall which is like a maze to me due to its confusing alleys and the China Town Mall.

If you cannot find what you’re looking for in these malls, outside there are tons of shop that sell almost anything you can think about. Fabric, sewing materials, crafting items, baking supplies, art supplies and more. They are cheaper becuase they are sold in bulk.

Going to Divisoria is not that hard, you can take the PNR Train and alight at the last station which is Tutuban. You can ride the jeepney going to Divisoria or take the LRT and alight a Recto station then ride the jeepney going to Tutuban.

Shopping at Divisoria may be a challenge and sometimes overwhelming especially during holidays when tons of people shop. Below are some tips on how you can maximize your shopping experience at Divisoria.

1) Wear comfortable clothes. Keep it low key so you do not attract attention especially of muggers. It can also become crowded and hot during the day when you shop so make sure to wear something comfy.

2) Bring big shopping bags to put the items you bought so you don’t have to carry different plastic bags around.

3) Haggle appropriately. Sometimes haggling too low will not result in the way you expect it.

4) Bring loose change or break your bills in smaller denominations.

5) Go early. It’s easier to shop with less people around and it’s also cooler especially in the summer. Malls in Divisoria normally open at 9am.

6) Keep your valuables safe. Make sure to keep your phones and wallets safe all the time.

7) Bring bottled water for drinking, it can get crowded and hot when you shop so make sure you’re properly hydrated.

8) Look around first as some stalls have even lower prices than others.

9) When you’re buying fabric make sure to watch when they measure it to make sure they give you the right length you purchased.

10) The prices in the malls may be a bit higher than the ones outside or on the streets so before you shop inside, try to walk outside first to see if you can buy something cheaper.

There you go. These are just some tips for you so you can enjoy your Divisoria shopping experience. If you have more tips or experience, don’t be shy and comment below.

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