Shopee Philippines Shopping Tips and Tricks

Shopee Philippines Shopping Tips and Tricks

Shopee is one of my go to online shopping portal when I want to buy something. Even if I’m not buying anything, just browsing around is fun and I usually take a lot of time doing it everyday.

You will be surprised by the number of cool things you can buy from Shopee. The prices are very affordable and you can choose from a wide range of products.

Today I will share with you some Shopee Philippines shopping tips and tricks to make sure you get the most value for your money. I will also share how to get more Shopee coins that you can use to purchase from the site. You can also read about how to save more on Shopee by using free shipping vouchers and discount vouchers.

There are a couple of ways to score huge savings when you shop Shopee Philippines. I will share them with you so you too can save more. Get tips on how to avoid getting scammed on Shopee Philippines when you buy stuff.

Check out some Shopee Philippines Tips and Tricks below.

1) Try different search keywords to maximize results. Different search terms sometimes give out different search results. For example you wanted to search for “culottes”, you can also try the terms “square pants” instead and see if you can get more results. Try to be more specific or more general in your search terms to find the items you wish.

2) Use the sorting options on the search results page and the filter option to narrow down your search results. You can arrange search results by price or popularity. What I always do is to narrow down sellers only from Metro Manila because as you know Shopee Philippines also have overseas sellers and I’m not particularly fond of them because of long shipping duration and a possible problem of having to return the item if needed.

3) I always ask for actualy photos of items or check out the item feedback from people who already bought the item. Sometimes the actualy item does not really look like the item as pictured on the sales page. I always go through the feedback comments and Shopee has this function for buyers to upload photos of the items they purchased so from there you can see what it really looks like.

4) Always read item descripions and all the details on the product page. From here you can find out if the item is on sale or if they provide shipping discounts. For example when buying shoes, some sellers specify that you add one size to your actual size because the item is a bit on the small size. Reading the description will also save your from disappointment once you received the items you purchased.

5) Take advantage of the Free Shipping vouchers and other Shopee Philippines vouchers. They’re very generous in giving out vouchers so make sure to check it out.

6) Log in everyday to get Shopee free coins. Coins can be used as cash upon purchase so it will reduce the amount you will pay once you apply the coins you collected.

7) Watch out for Free shipping days and brands sale days where Shopee offers their customers discounts on shipping with a minimum purchase of only P99.

8) Always check out similar items when you scroll down past the feedback part of the item page. Most of the time you will find the exact item at a much lower price or you can find items better than what you originally wanted.

9) As for free shipping days I would caution everyone as there is a downside when this event happens. It normally leads to shipping delays because of the sheer volume of orders. It also leads to out of stock items, and confusion on the part of the sellers especially those who sell a lot of items. I have seen feedback from buyers with incomplete orders or the orders are not the colors they intially ordered. If you can avoid buying during this days of if you’re buying P500 or more you may want to order it during normal days and apply the free shipping vouchers instead.

10) I would also caution everyone when buying electronic items epecially those worth thousands of pesos. I always see LCD Tvs on sale, very cheap you will think it’s a steal but when you read the comments and feedback, you will find out a lot of problems. Returns on Shopee is also very hard. For electronic items like LCD Tvs that are defective you will have to find a way to return it.

11) Beware of fake items especially when buying skin care products, perfumes and food items. Make sure to read the feedback section for comments from buyers who have actually purchased the item.

12) It’s very hard to return defective items as you would need to shoulder the return shipping fee so make sure to read everything, ask the seller if you’re not clear on anything so you can avoid returning items.

13) For items listed by overseas sellers also make sure to read the descriptions and feedback to make sure you won’t be wasting time and money.

14) Turn on Shopee App notifications so you do not miss on good bargains and sale events.

There you have it. I hope these tips and tricks can help you maximize your Shopee Philippines shopping experience. If you have other tips and experience hit the comments section and share it with us.

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