Thrift Shop Ukay Ukay Shopping Haul 1

Thrift Shop Ukay Ukay Shopping Haul 1

This is my first shopping haul post. Yey! I decided to post my ukay ukay haul here first because I think out of all the hauls I will be posting, this is going to be the cheapest source so expect to see a lot of thrift shop haul posts in the future.

My favorite ukay ukay thrift shop destination is Makati Cinema Square. They have a lot of ukay ukay shops in there and they’re often on sale so I always have a fun time browsing through racks of clothes.

You can find clothes from Korea, China and Japan from there and some still have tags on them. They sell clothing ranging from shirts, blouses, pants, shorts, skirt, dress, shoes and lots more.

There are other ukay ukay shops I go to like Anonas and Cubao near Araneta Colliseum and Libertad in Pasay City but Makati Cinema Square is the nearest so I am able to go there frequently and just browse around.

Thrift shops like these have schedules therefore when they have new arrivals, clothes are more expensive but this is also the time you can buy branded items and clothes which are still new and still have tags on them. This is also the time you can see good quality and fashionable items since you’re the first one to see them. As the days go by, prices of items go down so days before they put the new arrivals on the racks, prices of items usually go as low as 10 pesos.

You may want to check the items first though as some have damages beyond repair so do take note. These shops also have fitting rooms so you can try out the items you wish to buy. I can say with certainty that there are really cool clothes you can buy for as low as 50 pesos in these thrift shops and they can be worn in the office or on formal occasions. This is also a place you can go to buy clothes to add to your OOTDs where you won’t break the bank.

Check out some of my ukay ukay clothes haul below so you will have an idea on what’s in store for you when you visit.

**These photos are cross posted from my other blog hence the watermarks on the photos.

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