Ukay Ukay Fashion Thrift Shops In Metro Manila

Ukay Ukay Fashion Thrift Shops In Metro Manila

Since my last post on my ukay ukay thrift shop fashion haul, a lot of people were asking where I shop. So I’m compiling a list of ukay ukay thrift shops that I have been to and frequent. Some of you may have already been there but some may not know of its existence.

Below are just some of the ukay ukay places that know.

1) Shaw MRT Station Ukay Ukay Shops and EDSA Central Ukay Ukay Shops – this is easier to visit because the shops are directly in the MRT station and the connected mall EDSA Central. You can just browse along the way before entering the station.

2) Guadalupe Ukay Ukay Shops – alight at the Guadalupe MRT station or if you’re riding a bus, alight at Guadalupe and on the side of Jollibee, you’ll find a couple of ukay ukay shops.

3) Anonas Ukay Ukay Shops – this is a haven for thrift shoppers with 4 floors of shops all selling 2nd hand clothes and accessories. Just alight at the Anonas LRT station and look for a church. The building which houses the thrift shops is just before that church.

4) Makati Cinema Square Ukay Ukay Shops – this is by far my favorite because you can shop comfortably. Most shops are inside the mall so its airconditioned andit also houses lots of shops so you can definitely buy lots of clothes here. This is along Pasong Tamo in Makati but now known as Chino Roces Avenue. You can ride a jeepney from Chino Roces with the sign Makati Cinema Square.

5) Cubao Ukay Ukay Shops – there are a lot of famous thrift shops here just around the Araneta Colliseum area so check that out as well. It’s also convenient due to the Cubao MRT station and you can also shop around the Araneta Center once you’re done thrift shopping.

6) Libertad Ukay Ukay Shops – this is probably lesser known and its location is near the Libertad LRT station. There are a couple of shops along the street so you may have missed it while passing by. Make sure to look closely.

There you go! These are the thrift shops I usually go to. I hope this will help you out in your hunt for cheap and fashionable outfits. If you know of other shops share them below in the comments section.

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