Selling On Instagram – Tips and My Personal Experience

Selling On Instagram – Tips and My Personal Experience

Shopping means accumulating things and sometimes there are just some of our possessions that we don’t need anymore and are just occupying space. So what can we do aside from giving these things away? Of course we could make money off of it by selling it on the famous social platform, Instagram.

Here I would like to share some tips on selling through Instagram and some personal experience you may find useful to succeed in this venture.

Instagram is a very popular site and nearly everyone knows about it. With its ease of use and a huge audience base this site is a very good platform to sell things you don’t need anymore. The best thing about this site is its free.

So let’s start and list some tips on how to successfully sell your stuff on Instagram.

1) Take good photos of your items.

Instgram is a visual platform, meaning people who visit and browse the site are captured by good photos first and then the description. Because the users of the site can follow a lot of people, it’s a challenge for your photos to stand out.

Make sure to take good photos of your items. Bright, well lit and uncluttered photos are very easy on the eyes and therefore capture attention. It is also to make sure users see everything clearly. Take advantage of the multiple photos per upload feature to share all the different angles of your item so potential buyers can see as much as seeing it in person.

You don’t need expensive gadgets to achieve really good photos. Make sure the item is well lit, probably postion it near the windows or open all the lights so your camera or your phone can take a better picture. The background of the item is also important so as not to steal the viewers attention away from the actual item in focus. Plain backgrounds like white walls or plain curtains or drape a plain bed sheet on the wall or the floor then place your item properly then take your photos.

If you can also watermark your photos with your contact details of with just the world “sale” will inform viewers that this item is for sale.

2) Describe In Detail

Make use of the caption section to describe your item. If there are defects, why you’re selling it, if it’s used, the size, dimension, price, shipping details, how to order and contact information. Put in everthing you can think of there. If you were a buyer think of the information you will ask the seller about the item and put it in the caption section so that people won’t have to ask anymore.

3) Make Use of Hashtags but don’t over use

Hashtags help people find your items through search especially if they don’t follow your account. Use at most 3 so as not to make it look spammy and use only hashtags that relate to your post.

You can find related hashtags by going to the search page then key in your desired hashtag and on top of the search results you can find related terms you can use.

4) Research

Before posting your items make sure to research how others are doing. If you’re selling pre loved clothes, check out other accounts who are selling the same and see what they’re doing that are effective and not so you can also do the same and avoid their mistakes.

5) Make Teaser Posts

If you’re selling a bunch of items, take a couple of teaser photos and share it with your followers. Build hype around it by captioning it appropriately describing details of when you will post the actual items and details so your followers can anticipate it.

6) Don’t post everything at once

Timing is essential in posting on Instagram. Make sure you don’t post in the middle of the night as no one will see your posts. Post 1 item per day to make sure your previous items don’t get buried by your new posts.

7) Cross Post on Facebook

As we all know Facebook also owns Instagram and so you can link the two together. You can cross post your instagram items for sale on your Facebook page to gain more attention.

8) Make It Easy To Order

People are easily annoyed with very long order forms or if they had to click on this and that just to buy your item.

Make sure to simplify the process by asking your buyers to send you a private message or direct message with the important information like the item they wish to purchase, name, address, contact info and method of payment. Don’t direct them somewhere else because by this time they might lose interest and not buy anymore.

9) Post photos of feedback and items to be shipped

Trust is very hard to get from people buying online. Is this shop legit? That’s one question you, me and the others will also ask before making that purchase.

To counter this and build trust with your potential buyers, post feedback photos like screenshots of your messages with buyers who have thanked you and got their purchases already. You can also post pictures of items scheduled to be shipped and thank you posts for all the people who have already bought from you.

10) How To Gain Followers

Check out other accounts with similar posts and see the people who have commented or liked their photos. Follow them too and invite them to check out your items for sale. Don’t follow too much though as your account may be flagged for suspicious activities.

11) Answer comments and direct messages

Based on my experience, even though you put everything in the description there would still be people who will be asking you the same thing over and over again. Make sure to politely answer them no matter how simple their questions are. This will show them that you’re a genuine seller and that you’re a real person.

One of the most amusing question I have been asked is if I’m a legit seller. Of course I answered yes. They were probably just checking if I’m a real person and if I will answer their questions.

12) Sale and Promotions

To excite your followers once in a while, it would be really effective if you will post price reductions and promotions once in a while. Especially during the holiday season, where people are on buying mode, these kinds of posts will attract more attention.

Make sure to watermark your items and make it obvious that the item is on sale at first glance, in that way viewers are inclined to read your caption further.

As a parting tip for selling on Instagram, I would like to advice those who wish to do this to have more patience. It can take days or weeks and even months before you can get your first sale but don’t be discouraged. If you’re selling your pre-loved stuff and not really doing this to earn a living, this would be a good source of additional income and a learning experience so make sure to exert a bit more patience to see the results.

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