Suggested Shopping Haul – Rattan Straw Bags Under Php 500

Suggested Shopping Haul – Rattan Straw Bags Under Php 500

Here’s the first edition of my haul suggestion and it happens to be the once popular rattan straw bag. After browsing through Shopee and Lazada and even online shops on Instagram, I found that these bags are really expensive and they are also imported.

I have seen a lot of resellers here in the Philippines and these rattan bags range from P1,000 to P1,500. This price point is really expensive for haullers like me so I decided to find some alternatives which would only cost less than P500 so you can haul different designs and not be burdened by the price.

Here’s a picture of the rattan bag I mentioned above that’s imported.

Check out the rattan straw bags I found online and the approximate price as of the writing of this article.

1) Korean Tassel Rattan Sling Bag

The tassels on the bag is so cute and this bag is available in 2 different colors.

2) Rattan Beach Sling Bag

This circle bag comes in 2 different designs, is light weight and can fit your essentials.

3) Korean Retro Rattan Straw Bag

This bag has a chain sling and metal lock. Comes in 3 different colors, black, brown and beige.

4) Tassel Round Sling Bag

Bohemian style round sling bag that comes in 2 different designs. The tassels on the bag adds to the cuteness and uniqueness.

5) Embroidered Rattan Bag

This is a unique bag by design as it has embroidered flowers on it. Check out the 3 available colors.

6) Circle Embroidered Rattan Bag

If the above is rectangle this one is circle but with the same embroidered design. There are 3 colors available.

7) Rattan Boxy Beach Sling Bag

This one is a bit popular. It’s box shape with leather sling strap and available in a bunch of colors but the popular ones are brown and beige.

8) Circle Rattan Beach Sling Bag

If the above is boxed shape, this one is circular but has the same leather straps and lock. Available in light brown, brown, white and beige.

9) Bucket Rattan Bag

This one also has a unique design. There’s an inner canvas bag inside the rattan outer bag and its secured with a drawstring. There’s also 4 designs to choose from.

10) Bucket Rattan Bag – Bigger Version

This is the bigger version of the above but altough it is shaped like a bucket this does not have a round base but slightly oblong. It also has an inner canvas bag with a drawstring. Available in 2 colors.

11) Rattan Straw Pouch Bag

This is a very useful bag and not to mention the price. It fits most of your essentials and can be used for casual outings. Comes in 2 designs.

12) Circle Rattan Bag With Cherry Design

I like the cherries hanging by the bag as a minimalistic design on it. It has a convenient handle and a chain strap. Comes in 2 colors.

13) Bohemian Design Straw Rattan Sling Bag

Here's another design of a rattan bag that's really cool. With its bohemian design that can conveniently fit your necessities and can be used as a casual bag for your day out with friends. The tassels also add cuteness to the bag.

Where to buy: or just search "rattan bags" or "straw bags" without the quotation marks.

There you have it! I’m sure you are all excited to shop for these items. Hit the comment section below if you have already bought them and share your feedback as well. Happy haulling!

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