Suggested Shopping Haul – Milktea Phone Case, Korean Backpack, SelfieRing Light, Seashell Sling Bag and more

Suggested Shopping Haul – Milktea Phone Case, Korean Backpack, Selfie Ring Light, Seashell Sling Bag and more

I’m excited to share my shopping discoveries with you guys. This edition of suggested shopping haul has a milktea phone case, a cute seashell sling bag, a selfie ring light, a cute korean backpack, Catriona Gray ear cuffs, hello kitty phone ring, banana and strawberry milkshake earrings, a marlboro 3D phone case, and an electrocardiogram pendant necklace.

All these items are available on so it’s easier to buy them. I have included the links after every item so you can check it out. If the particular item is already out of stock from the link I have provided you can just search it using the item name I have provided.

Check out my suggested shopping haul below.

1) Milktea Phone Case

This caught my eyes once I saw it. This is a soft case and available in many different colors. Since milktea is very popular nowadays, it’s cool to have it as your phone case too.

2) Seashell sling bag

When I saw this I instantly remembered little mermaid and her under the sea adventures. This sling bag is available in different colors and is also affordable.

3) Selfie ring light

A lot of people nowadays are very fond of taking selfies. Take your selfie game up a notch with this selfie ring light. No more dim and dark selfies when you use this. It is also very handy and easy to use.

4) Korean backpack

Comes in silver and pink colors. Those who like the minialistic look, this backpack is for you.

5) Catriona Gray ear cuffs

This earrings or ear ornament became popular due to it being worn by Miss Universe Catriona Gray.

6) Hello kitty phone ring

Add some bling bling to your phone. Instead of those plain looking phone rings, check out this glittery Hello Kitty phone ring.

7) Banana and strawberry milkshake earrings

This one is really cute. You can choose from 2 paired designs, one is the strawberry milkshake and the other one is banana.

8) Marlboro 3D phone case

When I saw this case it instantly piqued my interest. Why not? It’s pretty eye catching and for those who smoke, pretty fitting. This case is a soft case so you can easily snap it on your phone.

9) Electrocardiogram pendant necklace

For those who like jewelries this one is perfect for you. This gold necklace is a representation of a beating heart so you can give this as a gift to your better half.

If you’re looking for a perfect gift for someone check out the items above. They may just fit the one you’re looking for. Hit up the comments section if you have suggestions.

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