Where To Buy Puff Pastry Sheets in Manila

Where To Buy Puff Pastry Sheets in Manila

Here at haullerz.com I don't only haul clothes and fashion stuff. I also haul food items because who doesn't like to eat 😅.

So I used to browse recipes online and often see one of the ingredients being store bought "puff pastry" sheets. I was wondering where to buy puff pastry in Manila and I found a few suggestions online being Landmark supermarket and Rustan's. There are a few brands mentioned but most are expensive like Php 400. I was wondering if there's a more affordable brand since I would just like to try to use it first. I found a more affordable brand "kawan" and it's imported from Malaysia.

I went to SM hypermarket to check but they don't have it. Next I checked Shopwise and to my surprise I found one. The more surprising thing is  the Kawan Puff Pastry Sheets 10 pcs is less than Php 100. It's Php 82.50 at the time of writing. That's 10 sheets of puff pastry 4 inches x 4 inches in size.

The alternative to store bought puff pastry is to make one yourself but if you wish to just try out a pastry recipe you may buy ready made puff pastry sheets from the grocery.

After this I successfully made my apple pie packets using the recipe from yummy.ph. The one similar to Jollibee's apple pie.

What can you do with this store bought puff pastry sheets? Well, a lot of different pastries. One of them is the apple pie, another is tuna pie, you can also try to make peach mango pie with it as well as empanada or even ham and cheese. It's really convenient to have this stocked in your freezer so you can just pull some out to make your favorite pastries anytime.

Kawan Puffy pastry block and sheets

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