You Have To See Banila Co's 12 Gifts of Banila Co Christmas Treat

You Have To See Banila Co's 12 Gifts of Banila Co Christmas Treat

Hello fellow haullers! Who among you guys are also fans of Korean beauty products? I just found 12 gifts you can treat yourselves with. Banila Co just released their 12 Gifts of Banila Co on their facebook page. Check it out below.

Set 1: Glass Skin Glow

Prep your skin properly by using our Dear Hydration Duo Kit, spritz some Dear Hydration Facial Mist after make-up application to rehydrate your skin and look fresh throughout the day

Available in stores for only P495

Set 2: Fresh Face

Use a gentle cleanser like Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser to get rid of oil, bacteria, and pollution accumulated on the skin then pat on our Dear Hydration Toner to hydrate and help products absorb better, lastly lock in and deeply hydrate the skin by applying the Dear Hydration Boosting Cream.

Get the fresh face set for only P550!

Set 3: Sebum Buster!

Use our Mud-to-Foam cleanser to control excess sebum, purify, and deeply cleanse the pores. Always moisturize even if your skin type is oily as the skin produces more oil when it lacks hydration

This set is available in-store for only P595

Set 4: Smooth and Supple

Brighten up dull looking skin with our Hi Bye Vita-Peel. It is meant to exfoliate the skin through 14 types of vitamins and AHA ingredients. Exfoliating from time-to-time is needed in order to reveal the brighter complexion of the skin. Tone and moisturize with the Dear Hydration toner and boosting cream after cleansing!

Get this set in-store for only P595

Set 5: Double Moist Tint



Intense color pay-off

Get 2 Liplike Moist Tints of your choice in-store for only P926.50! A girl can never have too much lippies

Set 6: Cheeky and Pouty

Our Moist Tint + Cheer Water liquid blush is the best way to achieve a natural rosy flushed look. Get this combo for 15% off this holiday season!

Available in-store for P969

Set 7: Plump & Firm

The secret to stay young is by using products from the VV Revitalizing line as early as your 20s. Best used together to get that Korean v-shaped face and plump looking skin that everybody loves.

Get this set in-store for P2,210!

Set 8: Wrinkle-Free

Keep your face wrinkle-free by using the VV Revitalizing Essence and Cream together. It has antioxidants, collagen, anti-wrinkling, and brightening ingredients for a more youthful looking skin

Give love this holiday season by getting this set in-store for P2,720!

Set 9: Sun-Shield

The everyday basics. Use sunscreen everyday and cleanse with Clean It Zero to remove dirt and impurities accumulated throughout the day

Available in-store for only P1,440.75

Set 10: Insta-Glass Skin

Prepping the skin is the most important step in order to get that glass skin look. The Dear Hydration Intensive Essence and Boosting Cream instantly delivers a burst of hydration to moisturize, reduce stress, and protect the skin from pollution.

Get this set that's available in-store for P2,503.25

Set 11: Lit-from-Within

Get that lit-from-within look with our White Wedding Dream Cream and Sleeping Essence. Contains snow lotus, peony, white rose to brighten complexion, and niacinamide and adenosin to lighten skin tone and give a beautifully radiant and clear skin.

Get the dream team in-store for P2711.50

Set 12: Double Cleansing

Double cleansing is the best way to remove impurities as it gets rid of sweat, bacteria, pollution, and make-up residue on the skin. The Clean It Zero Double Cleansing Sets are such great gift ideas to show people who are close to your heart that you care

✨Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser + Clean It Zero Regular P1,309

✨Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser + Clean It Zero Revitalizing P1,483.25

✨Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser + Clean It Zero Purifying P1,483.25 ✨Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser + Clean It Zero Nourishing P1,483.25 ✨Clean It Zero Foam Cleanser + Clean It Zero Supersize P1,691.50

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