New Year New Haul: My Shopee Chinese New Year Haul

New Year New Haul: My Shopee Chinese New Year Haul

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

As we know this time of the year is also a time for the after holiday sale and Shopee Ph is running a month long event with lots of items on sale and huge discounts like vouchers and free coins.

I'm very excited to share my New Year Shopee haul which includes beauty products, dog toys, vitamins and more.

The interesting thing about this haul is that I was able to get them at 50% off their price thanks to Shopee's voucher and Shopee Wallet promo. The voucher can be applied to anything except for digital products and with the coins that I have accumulated helped to lower the price further. I'm very happy because I actually saved a lot.

Check out the items I hauled below.

The Ordinary Niacinamide Serum Sample

I was very lucky to find a seller who offers a sample of this product. I bought the 10ml one in the original bottle.

Listed price: P259

After discounts: P121

Human Nature Tea Tree Oil

I bought another bottle of this through a reseller on Shopee and it's cheaper.

Listed price: P222

After discounts: P91

Dr. S Wong Sulfur Soap with Aloe Vera

I was looking for the 135g but it was out of stock so I got the 80g instead. I bought 3 pcs and I got such a huge discount.

Listed price: P126 (P42 each)

After discounts: P60 total for 3 pcs.

IronMax Vitamins with Iron 1 Box

I tried looking for Enercaps but this is the only one I found so decided to try it out. This is 1 box containing 100 capsules and is also a generic of Stresstabs.

Listed price: P135

After discounts: P67

Lasagna Noodles

Yes I was thinking of cooking Lasagna so I decided to buy this at 50% off the price plus free shipping of course.

Listed price: P130

After discounts: P65

Cosrx Snail Mucin Sample

I decided to add this to my routine so I got a sample size first to try it out. I got the 20ml size.

Listed price: P200

After discounts: P100

Some By Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Another addition to my skin care routine. I got the 30ml sample.

Listed price: P160

After discounts: P76

Dog Toys

This order was a steal. I got 5 dog toys for 50% off.

Listed price: P201

After discounts: P101

These items were ordered separately because of the Free shipping and the discount voucher.

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