New Year New You Haul - Anti Fungal Routine

New Year New You Haul - Anti Fungal Routine

Happy new year everyone. As my first post this new year I'm sharing my beauty haul and my anti fungal routine.

I have been battling with fungal infection for a long time now, face, body and scalp you name it. I realized it's time to change my routine to target this issue head on. For those who have been having the same issue check out the items I have hauled below. These products relieve itch and kills off the fungus that causes the infection. The good thing about these products is that they are affordable and easily available. I bought them at Watsons, Generics Pharmacy and Human Nature. These are also available online through the official shopee and lazada stores.

For the body

Sulfur soap with aloe vera

This soap I use for my body and leave for about 5 mins before rinsing off. Bought this at Watsons for P58 pesos and it's a pretty big bar of soap that will last a while. It eliminates the itch I feel especially when perspiring and leaves my skin soft because of the aloe vera. Sulfur and zinc are the main ingredients of this soap which helps kill fungus and bacteria. You can also use this on your face if you have acne as it's also an effective way to heal pimples.


Head and shoulders smooth and silky shampoo

I tried this before but didn't see results so I thought it wasn't effective but what I did this time to make it work is to leave it on my hair and scalp for at least 5 mins or longer before rinsing. It eases the itchiness and flakiness of my scalp.

Tea tree oil

I was looking for products with tea tree oil as this particular ingredient is a very good anti fungal solution. I was a bit scared to buy products with other ingredients as it might trigger my fungal acne further so I chose to get the most basic tea tree oil instead and just dilute drops of it in water to serve as a scalp spray and facial mist.

I bought a 30ml tea tree oil bottle at Human Nature for P290. The cheapest I found for its size. This bottle will go a long way so it's worth it for the price.


Nizoral shampoo

For my fungal acne I decided to strip my routine to just this and the anti fungal cream for now until it kills off the fungus on my face. I bought this for 48 pesos 1 sachet 6ml. I wash my face with this and leave it on for 5 mins before rinsing off.

Clotrimazole cream

This is the generic name of Canesten cream. I bought this at Generics Pharmacy for P118 per 20ml tube. I put this on my entire face after cleansing.

Just a warning though, Nizoral shampoo is drying so you may want to look for a suitable moisturizer to balance it off. Make sure to check the ingredients first to make sure it won't feed the fungus you are trying to kill.


Multi vitamins with iron

I have been feeling rather tired lately and don't really drink vitamins. I decided to change that and found vitamins with iron. I found a generic version of Stresstabs which is a lot cheaper. It's called Enercaps and it's only P2.50 each. That's way cheaper than Stresstabs so you may want to add this to your daily routine as well. Drink 1 capsule a day and you're good to go.

I have been using these products for a week now and so far it's working well at reducing the itchiness on my face, body and scalp. It's more comfortable now after using these. Since curing fungal infection does not happen overnight, being relieved of the itchiness and flare ups are good indicators that the products are working. I'll just have to be patient and stick with it for a while. I think before worrying about how I look with my fungal acne, the top priority is to at least feel better.

That's it for my anti fungal beauty haul. I hope you found this useful. If you are like me and battling some fungal infection you can try the products above. You can find them at the nearest drug store so you can start your treatment at once.

Share through the comments section below your experience and if you have other products to recommend that worked for you so we can try them as well.

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