Flatlay and Food Photography Props Haul From Shopee

Flatlay and Food Photography Props Haul From Shopee

It's time for another haul post and this time I'm focusing on affordable props you can use to up your flatlays and instagram photos.

As usual these are bought online from Shopee as discounts and coins contribute to the price reduction of these items.

I bought some photography backgrounds, photo paper, spoon and fork, an empty perfume bottle and lots more. Check them out below.

Selens Photo Background

There's a bit of a story here. This item has been sitting in my Shopee cart for a long time. The normal price is around P139 but sometimes goes down to P129. A few days ago I checked my shopping cart and found the price drop to P10. Yes 10 pesos so I bought 5 different styles at once thinking that it's only 50 pesos and if it does not get delivered then the 50 pesos will just get refunded. I used Blackarrow for the first 3 items then the next day I purchased 2 more using Shopee Express courier.

I don't know if any of you have experienced this with Blackarrow Express but they tagged my order as "consignee not available" at 1pm but I was at home the whole day and no one knocked on the door nor called or texted me. So I contacted their customer service, they apologized and said my package will be prioritized and delivered within 1 to 2 days. My Shopee Express order that's scheduled to arrive the same day was successfully delivered. Fast forward the Blackarrow order was delivered on the 2nd attempt and they had me sign something to prove that I received the order. I think this is the standard practice of receiving something but I only ever signed for order delivery 2 out of 10 times. Probably they're in a hurry so they don't do this anymore.

Back to the items, these photo backgrounds are water proof so they are perfect for food photography. They are also double sided with each side having a different print so you get 2 in 1 which is a steal even for the regular price.

Size of the photo background is 56x90 cm which is more than enough.

Photo Paper

I bought this to print some photos and also for my photobook project. I bought a pack of glossy double sided photo paper (A4 - 50 sheets per pack) and a pack of normal A4 glossy photo paper (20 sheets per pack) .

Double sided photo paper - P90

Glossy photo paper - P38


I bought this black and rose gold spoon and fork for P65 each pair.

I also bought this black teaspoon for P40 each.

Artificial Monstera Leaf

For some Nordic feel I bought 1 stem of monstera leaf. The funny thing is the bubble wrap was probably more expensive than the item itself as the seller used a lot. It's good though as the leaf was intact when I opened the package. This 1 stem costs P35.

Table Cloth

This table cloth is a bit small but it's water and oil proof so cleaning it is a breeze. I bought 2 colors, white and grey but they sent me brown instead. It's P35 each.

Empty Perfume Bottle

I was looking for a similar perfume bottle to the Chanel one and found this for P45.

As you can see these items do not break the bank so you can easily purchase them and add them to your photos next time.

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