My Ukay Ukay Fashion Favorites

My Ukay Ukay Fashion Favorites

Since we're staying home I've decided to clean my closet and my room at the same time. I found all the clothes I bought from various thrift shops that I usually use or if not, just a favorite because they looked cool 😎.

Most of these clothes were bought for less than P75 as above that price seems expensive to me already. Because we cannot go out and shop around our favorite ukay ukay stores, just enjoy this blog post in the meantime.

If you're wondering where the thrift shops are located around the metro, check out my post on ukay ukay thrift shops in Manila.

I can say that these clothes are really of good quality and you just have to make sure to check thoroughly for damages before you buy them. Some clothes I really liked so even with minor defects I just mended them and they're good to wear again.

Oh I also did a short video featuring these clothes so check it out below and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel too.

Below are some of my favorite ukay ukay fashion finds.

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