Photography Flatlay Props You Can Find At Home

Photography Flatlay Props You Can Find At Home

This blog post is dedicated to the things around your house that you can use as props for your photography flatlays. I'm sure that you can find 1 or 2 of these items around the house and what's good about them is they're free. If you're only starting out with this kind of photography or you're just finding ways to up your instagram photos, check out the list below.

Table Cloth

For photo background I can suggest using an extra table cloth. The plain light colored ones work best. If you don't have this you can just use your plain tabletop instead.


As a photo background works too.


As an alternative to linen table napkins which I could not find on shopee no matter what keyword I type, you can use the ends of a dress or part of it. It's just for props anyway so you just have to position it properly.

Wooden Chopping Board

The kitchen has lots of things you can use for free. The wooden chopping board is a staple prop you can use for food photography.

Spoon and Fork

Your kitchen should have lots of this. Use it, it's free.

Condiment glass bottles and containers

These are perfect for food photography background items.

Flour, spices, sugar, salt, beans, coffee

These things that can be found in your kitchen can be used as fillers when you photograph food.

The plates your mother keeps for social occassions

My mom usually stashes away those ceramic plates and glasses and they only see the light of day on special occassions. You can use them for your food photography. Save on buying those expensive plates.

Plant Twigs

We have lots of these laying around the backyard. It's free and you can lessen the trash by gathering some.

There's really no need to buy props to up your flatlay photos. You can just look around your house and you'll find interesting props you can use.

I hope you found some ideas here to help you out. Check out my other article regarding affordable props you can buy to add on to the items listed here.

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