Recycling Boxes And Cartons To Make Beautiful Decors

Recycling Boxes And Cartons To Make Beautiful Decors

Since we're hauling a lot of things I assume you also have boxes, plastics and bubble wraps laying around from you purchases. Some people just throw them away or stack them somewhere unused.

Here's a cool idea to recycle those boxes and cartons and turn them into beautiful storage decor you can use again.

Here's a photo of the boxes and cartons I have accumulated from my purchases.

And with the use of some printed marble paper, recycled bond paper and some electric tape, I turned them into a faux marble tray, fake book decor, pen holders, marble coasters and decorative storage boxes.

Check the results below.

Check out my short video below and don't forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel here.

You can also use wrapping paper or a marble wall paper to cover your boxes to suit your room or desk theme. There are a couple of things you can use those boxes for than just throwing them away. You can also save the environment in you own little way by doing this.

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