How To Claim Your Western Union Remittance Through Globe Gcash

How To Claim Your Western Union Remittance Through Globe Gcash

Hello everyone! Globe's Gcash has been a very convenient way of paying for things especially now that cashless payment is being encouraged. I have been using Gcash for a long time now, even before the pandemic. They have added a lot of features that are very useful and below I will be discussing one of it which is claiming your Western Union remittance.

This feature is very useful because I don't have to go out and line up to get my Adsense payout every time. The process of cashing in your Western Union remittance to your Gcash account only takes less than 5 minutes at the comfort of your own home.

First requirement is of course a Globe Gcash account. The second one is that your account must be verified. Which means you have to go through the verification process of completing your information like name, address etc. and uploading valid IDs.

The verification process is automatic and done through the Gcash app itself and it only takes less than 15 mins. Make sure to have your valid IDs ready and you will also be asked to take a selfie video. Check out the link below to know more about the verification process and the benefits you will get from it.

To get your Western Union remittance through Gcash just follow the steps below.

1) Assuming you already have a verified Gcash account, access the app and click on Cash In.

2) Once on the cash in page scroll down and click on Western Union

3) On the Western Union cash in page input the approximate amount in peso. You can search on Google for the current exchange rate if your remittance is in another currency then convert it to Philippine Peso. Even if it's just an approximate amount you type in there if your remittance is in another currency it's ok. 

For example my payout is in US dollars amounting to 100. I checked Google and the exchange rate is P48.15 so I just typed 4,815 in the amount box. Then input your Western Union MTCN number then click Next.

Please take note that the Western Union's receiver's name, address and phone number must match the one in your Gcash account for the transaction to go through.

4) The next page you will see the exact amount you will receive, sender's name and address. If all is correct click on Confirm.

5) Wait for the app to confirm your transaction. In less than 2 mins if all information is correct, the amount of your Western Union remittance will be added to your Gcash balance.

That's it! You don't need to go out anymore to get your Western Union remittance. You can directly use these funds in turn to pay your bills and your other purchases. 

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