How To Sell Items on Shopee in 4 Easy Steps

How To Sell Items on Shopee in 4 Easy Steps

Shopee has been a popular online shopping site for a long time now but most people only use it to shop. Now that we are looking for other means of income, Shopee is a good avenue to sell products online.

I will introduce you to 4 easy steps to sell your items on Shopee Philippines plus some tips to earn more. All you need is your Shopee account and a verified ShopeePay along with it. This tutorial will be featuring selling using the Shopee Ph app as it is easier and most people use their mobile phones to take photos of their products. It will be easier to access those photos if you use the mobile app instead. 

1) Open your Shopee Ph app and click on "Me" on the lower right of the screen. 

2) Then click on Start Selling on the upper left of the screen. 

3) Then click on the Add Products button. 

4) Fill out all the information on the page and upload photos of the items you wish to sell. Then click Publish.

That's it. You just published your first item on Shopee.

Once someone buys an item from your shop, you will be notified to ship out the item. On your My Shop page click on To Ship icon and then the list of orders will appear. 

Click on "Arrange Shipping" and schedule your items for courier pick up or drop off. Once this is done, the app will generate the Waybill with the unique tracking number which you will have to print and attach to the pouch where you will place the orders. You just have to wait for the courier to pick up the orders at your place. 

Some selling tips:
- Make sure to choose the right category for your items so buyers can easily find them.
- There are seller tools you can use to check on how many people have viewed your shop and your items. Check them out.
- Shopee lets you boost 5 products every 4 hours. This means your products will be featured at the top of search results in the category you choose. Just go to your "My Shop" page on the upper right of your screen. Scroll down to your product listings and under each you will find a "Boost Now" button. Just click on that. 

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