Prestigio 3 Axis Gimbal Phone Stabilizer Unboxing Video and Photos

Prestigio 3 Axis Gimbal Phone Stabilizer Unboxing Video and Photos

It's finally here! The newest addition to my money making arsenal, the Prestigio 3 axis gimbal phone stabilizer. I got this from Kimstore's Shopee shop last 3.3 sale. The original price with the hard case is P2,499 but because of discounts and vouchers, I got if for only P2,099 with free shipping.

So I decided to buy this to start my vlogging money making journey. For those who are not familiar with what a gimbal phone stabilizer does, it's just basically steadies your phone when you record videos especially while you're on the move. No more shaky and dizzying videos after using this. I am planning to use this with my Huawei P30 Pro phone to record future unboxing and travel videos. 

The package includes the gimbal, charging usb cable, strap and the manual. The case can be purchased separately or as a bundle deal with the gimbal. I purchased the bundled one. 

Check out my Prestigion 3 Axis Gimbal phone stabilizer unboxing video below.

If you're not fond of videos, check out my unboxing photos below. I will also be posting a sample video using this with my phone so you can see the effect.

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