Vegetables You Can Grow Out From Seeds And Stems You Usually Throw Away

Vegetables You Can Grow Out From Seeds And Stems You Usually Throw Away

I started an experiment to see how a newbie like me can grow vegetables from seeds and stems of vegetables you would usually throw away after you get the usable parts to cook.

I bought loam organic soil from Shopee at 10 pesos per kilo and gathered some ice cream containers to use as pots.

My dad likes cucumber a lot so we usually have them at home. I got some seeds directly from the cucumber and planted them. Check out the result below. Yes they sprouted and grew.

Ampalaya is the second one I tried. I got seeds from an ampalaya and although not all sprouted at least a few grew. Check out the photo below which is already a few weeks old. 

Next one is my favorite as this is the easiest to grow. Green onions or dahon ng sibuyas. Just cut about 2 inches from the roots as this is the one you usually throw away. Plant them and after a few days they should already have green sprouts. The photo below shows the green onions I planted a few weeks ago. 

The next one I tried is carrots. I got the carrot head and just burried it under the soil then after a few days it just sprouted. Check it out below.

Bell Pepper
I just got the core with the seeds and sprinkled them on a tub of soil. After 1 week a lot have sprouted already amd after a few more days you can probably transfer them to individual pots. 

There you go. The next time you cook try to save the seeds and stems of these vegetables instead of throwing them away. Who knows after a few weeks you can have your own vegetable garden already without spending too much. 

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