Globe Weak Signal or Slow Mobile Internet Temporary Fix

Globe Weak Signal or Slow Mobile Internet Temporary Fix

For those of you like me who experience super slow mobile internet speed from Globe esoecially inside the house this fix might help you.

Just a reminder though this may or may not work and sometimes it works for me and sometimes not. At least you can try it out to see if it temporarily fixes your connection. This may not work for those who are gaming online and watching youtube. I only tried this and works for normal web browsing.

So my Globe mobile signal is veeeery weak inside the house sometimes and especially when it's raining or windy outside, the signal often disappears. I had to go out of the house just to load a simple web page. I discovered that turning off 4G while i'm using my phone inside the house does the trick most of the time.

Just access the setting menu in your phone then choose MOBILE NETWORK then MOBILE DATA and if there's a dedicated button to turn 4G on or off just turn it off. For those without the dedicated 4G toggle switch, in your MOBILE DATA settings click on PREFERRED NETWORK MODE or NETWORK MODE and try to choose one without the 4G. Sometimes it's just 3G or wcdma or gsm. Try each and see if you get a signal. Make sure to switch your mobile data on and off after changing settings so the new one can take effect. Also wait a few seconds for it to take effect.

Playing around with the mobile settings helped me at least get a signal to load web pages for my research. I can work inside the house again and not go out just to load a simple website.

If you want to watch videos or play games and this fix does not work, what I do is I have a pocket wifi that I place outside in our backyard and connect from there. This one works as long as it does not rain.

Make sure to turn 4G on again when you go outside as I have observed that when it's turned off outside, the internet connection is relatively slow. Yeah it's weird but that's how I see it.

That's it. I hope this little fix helps you with your online classes or whatever you do. Check out my other blog posts while you're still here. Thanks for reading. 

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