Invest in the Stock Market And Cryptocurrency for as low as P50 via Gcash and PDAX

Invest in the Stock Market And Cryptocurrency for as low as P50 via Gcash and PDAX

I'm sharing this wonderful discovery to my readers who wish to start investing in the stock market and digital currencies like bitcoin and litecoin. For as low as P50 you can start your investing journey without breaking the bank. This is also good for those newbies like me who wish to learn about investing but does not have lots of extra funds to try it. 

The two programs we will be using is Globe's Gcash Ginvest for trading stocks and PDAX for trading digital currencies like bitcoin. 

Gcash is something we're all familiar with as we use it as a digital wallet. It's convenient for cashless payments and online transactions. They just recently launched Ginvest in partnership with ATRAM. You can choose to invest in different portfolios including companies like Apple and Microsoft as well as Peso Bonds. Check out the screenshot below to access your Ginvest and the available stocks you can purchase. 

Make sure your Gcash is verified to start using Ginvest. The verification process is done online and automatic. It only takes less than 10 mins. 

The next platform is PDAX which is where you can trade digital currencies like bitcoins. You can start trading for as low as P50. They offer multiple ways to top up your account including Gcash and bank transfer. My favorite is their Shopee voucher promo. They have a Shopee digital store where you can purchase vouchers to buy bitcoins for your PDAX account. You can purchase a P100 bitcoin voucher for only P99 which you can then apply to your PDAX account. They also have a mobile app you can easily install so you can check your account and trade anytime, anywhere. 

PDAX Shopee store

They have multiple cryptocurrencies you can trade aside from bitcoins. They also provide information on the lowest trading price of a particular cryptocurrency so you can easily decide whether to buy or sell. 

PDAX is regulated by the Bangko Central ng Pilipinas so they also require verification. Just the usual uploading of IDs and a video selfie. 

There you go. These are two trading platforms you can try to start investing without spending too much.

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