Buying Dpet Tokens for Mydefipets How Much Will It Cost and the Approximate Fees

Buying Dpet Tokens for Mydefipets How Much Will It Cost and the Approximate Fees

Approximately how much to spend to get 1 pet from Mydefipet. You need 3 dpet tokens to buy 1 egg. 

Buy BNB from Binance
Check exchange rate. The lower the price of BNB the better. Which means you get more BNB for every Peso you spend. 
P1,000 minimum to buy BNB in Binance. Rates fluctuate almost every second so you may want to watch it first. 

Send Bnb from Binance to metamask
FEE 0.002 bnb as of this moment regardless of the amount of BNB you transfer to metamask. I advice to transfer everything all at once so you only pay one fee. 

Swap bnb to dpet tokens
This is a sample screenshot on how much transaction fee you will have to pay each time you swap bnb to dpet token. I believe this is a percentage of the total amount you will exchange so this will vary depending on the amount and exchange rate. 

Gas fee for every use of dpet on mydefipet.
Every time you buy something using your dpet tokens you will have to pay gas fees which is approximately 0.002 bnb.

You can use the above as reference cost to compute approximately how much you will have to spend. Take note the minimum transaction amount on Binance for BNB is P1,000. 

Sample computation buying your own BNB from Binance:
P1,000 convert to BNB at market price of $354.56 = 0.053097

Transfer to metamask minus fee of 0.002 bnb = 0.051097

Swap on pancakeswap to dpet
Here I put in exactly 3 dpet tokens and see the conversion to bnb and the result is 0.04981 including the transaction fee. So we can go ahead and buy it. 

There would still be an excess bnb of  0.001287 which may not be enough to use as gas fee so I would suggest you add in P100 or more when you convert Peso to Bnb in Binance to cover the cost. 

The fees mentioned above may change so make sure to check out Binance and Pancakeswap to know the current rates. 

Also take note that transferring from multiple wallets or converting 1 currency to the other multiple times will incur costs at each step so the lesser transfer or conversions you make the cheaper.

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