Starting My DIY Hydroponics Garden On A Budget

Starting My DIY Hydroponics Garden On A Budget

After a long time of not updating my blog, I'm back with an interesting journey to share with my readers.

I currently started experimenting and trying to grow plants hydroponically. This means growing plants using water instead of soil. If you read my previous post on gardening, those plants didn't really survive for long. They just died after a period of caring for them. Probably cared too much they didn't live long enough.

This time I'm trying again but not going the traditional way. I'll be trying hydroponics and will be planting some bokchoy, lettuce and pechay.

I'm doing this using containers found here at home, seeds bought online, sponge foam as a grow medium and my DIY hydroponics nutrient solution.

Check out the video below for my mini hydroponics garden tour. 

Check out my next posts for updates and more DIY hydroponics gardening tips. 

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